Complete Decking Solutions

Welcome to Complete Decking Solutions, we are in the building industry, we build decking. Our specialty is building unique decking concepts that set your building apart.

After 18 years in the building industry in a variety of positions we have developed a love for the results achieved at the intersection of Functionality and Unique Design. Having built decking for clients all over Sydney, we have established a reputation of converting our trade into an art form. We really love giving clients something they couldn’t get anywhere else!

We’ve found that our clients biggest problems are that they don’t have a massive budget and need to ensure their deck is built on time. Yet they’re worried about using unreliable tradesmen who may not finish the job and even leave a huge mess behind them. This leads to massive pressure and a stress overload which is not healthy!

At Complete Decking Solutions you can rely on us to turn up on time, work to a realistic budget and leave no mess behind. We have a 5 step framework we use to ensure our quality standards are met.

  1. Estimate & Quote
  2. Order material
  3. Build Framework
  4. Laying & Oiling the Deck
  5. Checking Quality Assurance
  6. Our Ultimate Result

When we implement our 5 step system in building your deck you will relax knowing that the results will be fairly priced, high quality and no stress.

Our Why

We believe people should get what they pay for. There are too many tradesmen delivering poor quality workmanship after being paid a premium quality prices. We’ve been onsite and had to fix too many poorly constructed decks for customers who have paid top dollar to a business who sold themselves well but under delivered on quality whilst leaving behind a mess for the owner to deal with! The whole reason we are in business is to give clients a better experience, a unique product and deliver that excitement they feel whilst sitting on their new deck for the first time!

So the next step is simple, call us today to arrange a free quote and some unique ideas, if you are satisfied with our quote we will get started on moving through our 5 step process and deliver your brand new deck as soon as possible!